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Do you want to know about Nazar cast real name with image? Here we are going to share a list of Nazar cast real name with picture.

Nazar is a new Hindi supernatural thriller television series, a host on StarPlus and stream on Hotstar and we are going to discuss about Nazar serial cast. Producer of this show is Gul Khan and Karishma Jain, and Atif Khan directs it. The serial features the leading cast including Niyati Fatnani, Antara Biswas, Smita Bansal, Ritu Chaudhary, and Harsh Rajput. Dayan, a story about an evil Daayan, was released on 30th July 2018 and it shows the story of evil Dayan and the family who faced the problem under her Nazar (eyesight).

The story plot starts at 200 years old Daayan, Mohana, who want to remain young and for that, she has to kill people. As per the story, in the year 1997, she had captured Mridul who belongs to the Rathod family. Their marriage gave them two children Ansh and Kajal. However, Mohan intended to kill Mridul slowly to remain young, but the Rathods were unaware about it. But Divya reveled her after the death of Mridul. She burnt Mohana and became suspended in stone, but Mohana’s evil eye (Nazar) never leave their family. In between the story, Vedashree adopted Mohna and Mridul’s children Ansh and Kajal.

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After 18 years, Ansh and Kajal had cousins, Rishi and Neha. Ansh looks like a normal human, but as a 200 years old Dayan’s son, he got some supernatural powers-Daavansh. Therefore his mother Vedashree always worried about him. A priest told that Ansh could be saved from Dayan by the girl who has a Goddess Durga’s birthmark. Piya has that mark on her shoulder, which works like an Ornament.

Meanwhile, Ansh and Piya can read their minds and feels their breath. But Mohana had sent her puppet Ruby who is also a Dayan. Mohana could come to the earth if Ruby marries Ansh. With this plot, the story is running.

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Nazar Character Real Name with image

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Nazar Cast Real Name with Image

1. Mohana Rathod real name Antara Biswas Monalisa

Antara Biswas Monalisa nazar character real name
2. Piya Sharma real name Niyati Fatnani

Niyati Fatnani character real name
3.  Ansh Rathod real name Harsh Rajput

Harsh Rajput Nazar Character Real Name
4. Divya Sharma real name Smita Bansal

Smita Bansal Nazar Character Real Name
5. Vedashree Rathod real name Ritu Chaudhary Seth

Ritu Chaudhary Seth nazar character real name
6. Professor Nishant Sharma real name Sumit Kaul

Sumit Kaul Nazar Character Real Name
7. Kajal Rathod real name Pallavi Gupta

Pallavi Gupta Nazar Character Real Name
8. Chaitali Rathod real name Ashita Dhawan

Ashita Dhawan Nazar Character Real Name
9. Amardeep Jha: priest
10. Ankur Nayyar: Mridul Rathod

Ankur Nayyar Character Real Name

11. Shekhar Rathod real name Amit Kaushik

Amit Kaushik Character Real Name

12. Neha Rathod real name Resham Prashant

Resham Prashant Nazar character real name

13. Rishi Rathod real name Jatin Bhardwaj

Jatin Bhardwaj Nazar Character Real Name


So, here is all the Nazar character real name with image. We have shared all the recent cast name which are playing their role in Nazar TV serial.

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